Transport Training & Courses

Linon transport training courses are award winning and we're rated the number one transport industry training establishment. We've provided transport training and courses for the transport industry for over 15 years and have one of the highest pass rates in the UK for all our transport training courses.

Transport Training Classroom

Specialising in transport industry training, we provide operator CPC courses, driver CPC courses, ADR courses and more from any of our UK sites. Our transport training group is one of the biggest in the UK and because of our size we're able to offer cheap driver CPC training and cheap operator training throughout the UK.

We've won the Transport Training Industry Awards for 10 consecutive years, our passion has been rewarded through our achievements and our business growth has been over ambitious; we're proud to be the best!

Transport Training Team

Transport Courses

Our 1 day to 10 day transport courses are a perfect way to build valuable knowledge of the transport & logistics sector. Interviews with the UK's top transport employers showed that our transport training courses have proved invaluable in the workplace. Learn key working practices that will drive efficiency and productivity while remaining cost effective.

How We Train

Our training methods don't win awards for nothing, it's our unique style of transport training that gives us the edge over our competitors. We don't claim to teach everything, we concentrate on training from a classroom and use our tried and tested methods and these methods have been training transport professionals for 15 years. It's all in the delivery, make a subject enjoyable and the subject will be a joy to learn, that's our secret.

Transport Costs

Providing training at affordable prices is priority, transport costs can spiral out of control and staffing training can sometimes seem an unnecessary cost. However, the costs incurred through transport training can often be offset and even supplemented. Transport training has never been more affordable and the overall investment in people skills can dramatically transform a business, making training costs worthwhile.

Transport Training Locations

We can deliver transport training courses nationwide at your location, but if you prefer, we have training centres in;

Edinburgh, Newcastle, York, Leeds, Hull, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Exeter, London & Southampton

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